DIY deep cycle batteries

Nice. The guys from Intersect tweeted my post there asking for input on this project. 

It should be fairly straight forward. From what I have gleaned from the interwebs a Plante-style lead-acid battery is simply a couple of strips of lead sheet rolled together, with some sort of spacer material separating them. These are then immersed in a readily available sulphuric acid solution and a specific current and voltage applied to condition the two lead sheets. Subsequent charge-discharge cycles continue the process of “forming” to produce two chemically different electrodes from the initially solid lead sheets. The key seems to be maximising surface area whilst retaining structural integrity as charge-discharge causes the positive electrode to expand/contract and the physical stresses involved can damage the unique structure that endows the electrodes with the ability to hold charge. 

Simple, you’d think … yes?

Well, I have an idea to try but I need to find a good power supply and preferably some logging equipment to monitor the voltage & current during charge-discharge. Will update you when I have news to report! :~D


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